Are you wondering what network is Monday Night Football on? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll cover all the information you need to know about the network broadcasting Monday Night Football. We’ll explain which network is airing the games and how to access it. So keep reading to find out what network is Monday Night Football on!

The History of Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football has been a staple of the NFL since 1970, when it debuted on ABC with Howard Cosell and Don Meredith in the broadcast booth. The show quickly became a national phenomenon and has since been a highly anticipated part of the NFL viewing season. Monday Night Football has aired on several networks throughout its long run, but the question remains: What network is Monday Night Football on now?

The Current Network:

Since 2006, Monday Night Football has aired on ESPN, where it has stayed ever since. ESPN broadcasts both a simulcast of the game as well as an alternate broadcast with a different angle and commentary. In addition to live broadcasts of the game, ESPN also airs replays and pre-game shows, giving viewers a comprehensive look at the game before kickoff. 

The Previous Networks:

Before 2006, Monday Night Football had aired on several other networks. ABC aired the show from 1970-2005, where it was one of their top rated programs. Before ABC, the show had aired on CBS and NBC from 1962-1969. 

Monday Night Football has been airing for almost 50 years, and has been an important part of NFL history. The question of what network is Monday Night Football on has shifted over the years, with ABC, CBS, NBC, and finally ESPN all getting a turn broadcasting the show. 

The Future of Monday Night Football:

It is unclear where Monday Night Football will go next once ESPN’s current deal expires in 2021. It could stay on ESPN or move to another network, or even a streaming service such as Amazon or Netflix. Wherever it ends up, fans will be sure to watch it no matter the channel.

The Current Network

Monday Night Football is currently broadcasted on ESPN, the global cable and satellite sports television channel. ESPN’s parent company, Disney, acquired the rights to Monday Night Football from its previous broadcaster, ABC, in 2006. The broadcast of Monday Night Football on ESPN includes high-profile pre-game shows and post-game interviews. It also includes sideline reports, updates from other games, and additional analysis and commentary from sportscasters.

Since its debut in 1970, Monday Night Football has remained one of the most popular programs on American television, and ESPN’s broadcasting of the games continues to draw high ratings each week. So if you’re wondering what network is Monday Night Football on, it’s currently broadcasted on ESPN.

The Previous Networks

Before it found its home on ESPN, Monday Night Football has gone through a number of networks. The show first aired on ABC in 1970 and stayed there until the end of the 2005 season. During this time, the program was an immediate hit and was responsible for introducing Monday night as an important part of the NFL schedule.

From 2006 to 2013, Monday Night Football was broadcasted on cable channel ESPN. During this period, Monday Night Football expanded to include more in-depth pre-game analysis, extended post-game highlights and even added “Monday Night Countdown” to provide a full night of coverage.

In 2014, Monday Night Football moved to NBC, where it still resides today. Since moving to NBC, the show has only gotten more popular, with record ratings across the nation. With their extensive coverage and analysis, NBC is a great home for Monday Night Football and continues to be the answer to the question, “What network is Monday Night Football on?”

The Future of Monday Night Football

With the recent changes in broadcast networks, many fans are wondering what network is Monday Night Football on now and in the future. As of the 2021 season, ESPN is the current home of Monday Night Football, but that could change as early as 2022. 

Currently, ESPN has the rights to MNF through the 2021 season, while NBC, CBS and Fox have agreed to terms with the NFL to have rights to various games during the 2021-2022 season. NBC is expected to air a number of Sunday night games, while CBS and Fox will share rights to Thursday night and Sunday afternoon games respectively.

It’s uncertain what network will carry Monday Night Football beyond 2021, but the current speculation is that CBS and Fox may join forces for a bid to acquire the rights. With both networks having the ability to televise the games in prime time, it could prove to be a winning combination.

No matter what network ends up with the rights, fans can look forward to continuing to watch their favorite teams battle it out on Monday nights. Whether it’s on ESPN, CBS, or Fox, the excitement and tradition of Monday Night Football will undoubtedly remain.


It’s clear that Monday Night Football has a long and storied history that has led to its current status as one of the most-watched programs on television. Through a variety of networks and changes over the years, Monday Night Football has settled into its home on ESPN, where it will remain for years to come. So the answer to the question “What network is Monday Night Football on?” is ESPN.