What a Rivalry! Florida vs Virginia Tech

The rivalry between Florida and Virginia Tech is one of the most talked about in college football. From the intense matchups on the field to the passionate fanbases, the Florida vs Virginia Tech rivalry has been going strong for decades. Every year when these two teams face off, it’s always a thrilling game, full of excitement and competition. Whether it’s the Gators or the Hokies, every matchup between these two teams is sure to bring out the best in both sides.

A little bit of history

The Florida vs Virginia Tech rivalry dates back to 1955, when the two teams first met in Miami. Since then, the teams have gone head-to-head 56 times and have provided some exciting moments for college football fans. In 2000, the rivalry was officially renewed when the two teams became members of the ACC.

Since then, both teams have seen great success, especially in the last decade. In 2008, Florida won the National Championship against Oklahoma in a thrilling game that saw the Gators take the lead with just over two minutes left in the fourth quarter. In 2012, Virginia Tech won the ACC Championship by defeating Clemson. 

The rivalry has grown in recent years, and Florida vs Virginia Tech games are always highly anticipated. Both teams bring passionate fans who come out to support their teams and add to the atmosphere of the game. It’s no surprise that the rivalry is so strong between these two teams and why it’s one of the most exciting matchups in college football.

The games

The rivalry between Florida and Virginia Tech is strong and dates back to 1978 when the two schools first faced off on the football field. The first game was in Blacksburg, Virginia where Virginia Tech won 13-12. Since then, the two teams have faced off in a total of 28 games, with Florida having the overall record of 17-11. 

The rivalry has been incredibly competitive, with several of the games coming down to the wire. The most notable matchup between these two teams came in 2008 when both schools were ranked in the Top 10 and the game ended in a 30-20 win for Florida. This marked the highest ranked meeting ever between the two schools and one of the greatest games in their rivalry.

In 2019, both teams faced off at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, with Florida emerging victorious 34-17. The Gators went on to have a successful season that year, eventually winning the Orange Bowl. As for Virginia Tech, they had an up-and-down season, but this rivalry remains an important part of both team’s histories. 

This Florida vs Virginia Tech rivalry is one of the most intense and exciting in college football, and every game between these two schools is highly anticipated.


The fans

The rivalry between Florida and Virginia Tech is one of the most passionate in college football, and the fans are a huge part of it. On game days, the stadiums are filled with passionate fans decked out in their team colors, singing fight songs and cheering wildly for their favorite team. In Florida, Gators fans are known for their enthusiasm and love for their team, while Virginia Tech Hokies fans are equally devoted to their team. 

This rivalry brings out the best in both fan bases and results in some of the most intense tailgates and exciting game day atmospheres in college football. Despite the competition between the two fan bases, there is still a sense of respect between them, with each side taking pride in the success of their respective teams. As Florida vs Virginia Tech continues to be one of the most highly anticipated matchups each year, both fan bases remain loyal and passionate, always ready to cheer on their team no matter what.

The aftermath

The aftermath of the Florida vs Virginia Tech rivalry has been quite fascinating. It has become a source of bragging rights for both teams’ fan bases and a point of competition on social media platforms. Following every game, fans post their team’s victory, showing off their school pride. Some even take it as far as having a friendly wager, with the loser of the game having to wear the opposing team’s colors!

No matter the outcome of the game, one thing is certain: the rivalry between Florida and Virginia Tech is one that will continue to captivate college football fans for years to come. As two of the top teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference, there is no doubt that each time these two teams meet up it will be a heated battle.


The Florida vs Virginia Tech rivalry has become one of the most intense in college football. From their first meeting in 1958 to their last in 2019, both teams have been fighting for bragging rights in the Sunshine State. Whether it be the close games, exciting finishes or the sheer passion of the fans, this rivalry has provided some memorable moments over the years. There is no doubt that when these two teams take the field, it’s going to be a thrilling game that is sure to leave both fan bases with something to talk about for years to come. As the saying goes, “The show must go on”, and so will the Florida vs Virginia Tech rivalry.

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