n was a bold and vibrant statement of self-expression. It was a way for rockers to show their individual style and make a statement with their look. Whether it was flashy and over the top, punk-inspired, or something in between, the styles of the ’80s rocked the fashion world. In this blog post, we’ll explore eight of the most popular traits of true ’80s rock fashion. So get ready to take a trip down memory lane as we take a look at some of the best fashion trends of the era!


When it comes to 80s rock fashion, excess was key! From the over-the-top hairstyles and makeup to the outrageous clothing styles and accessories, this decade was all about taking fashion to the extreme. It was a time when the bolder the statement, the better. Bright colors, outrageous patterns, and even the wildest fabrics were embraced in order to make a statement. With extra large jackets, shoulder pads, and sequin accents, it was all about pushing the boundaries of fashion with no apologies.

Bold Patterns

When it comes to 80s rock fashion, bold patterns are a must-have. The most popular patterns of the time were big, loud and eye-catching. Think leopard print, zig-zag chevron, polka dots, and other statement-making motifs. These prints were usually mixed and matched together, creating an even more striking look. To really nail the 80s rock look, incorporate bright colors with these loud patterns and you’re ready to hit the stage.

Bright Colors

When it comes to 80s rock fashion, bright colors were a must. Whether it was for their clothes, accessories, or even hair, bold hues and neon shades were key to truly embracing the style. Popular colors included electric blue, hot pink, neon green, yellow, and purple. Of course, black was also an essential staple for completing a look. Layering different colors to make a bold statement was an often seen element of the time period. Big name 80s rock stars like Madonna, David Bowie, and Boy George were often seen wearing bright colors with confidence.

Big Hair

The classic 80s rock fashion look wouldn’t be complete without big hair. Whether it was crimped, permed, or teased, a big mane of hair was a staple for most 80s rockers. With the help of mousse and hairspray, rockers created daring hairstyles that accentuated their unique styles and personalities. Popular hairstyles included mullets, feathered bangs, and poofy bobs. The bigger, the better – it was a way to make a statement with your 80s rock fashion.

Tight Clothes

The iconic look of 80s rock fashion is incomplete without tight clothes. From skinny jeans to corsets, people were willing to go to extremes to express their style. Many of the biggest rock stars of the era, like David Bowie and Madonna, sported extremely tight pants, blouses, and jackets. Tight clothing was a way to show off one’s body shape, as well as to make a statement with their outfits. When paired with bold accessories or wild hairstyles, tight clothing could be used to create a powerful look.


Layering was a key component of 80s rock fashion. It was all about making bold statements with multiple layers of clothing. Popular looks included pairing a denim jacket with a brightly colored windbreaker, adding multiple printed tees on top of one another, and wearing shirts tucked into bright leggings. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors and textures – the more eclectic the better! Pile on the jewelry and accessories, too – it’s all about making an impact.


Accessories are an integral part of any 80s rock fashion look. From chunky chains, to huge earrings and colorful scarves, adding the right accessories to your outfit can really elevate it. To truly nail the 80s rock fashion vibe, it’s important to keep the overall look maximalist. Go all out with lots of metallic jewellery, thick belts, big sunglasses and statement headwear. Mix and match pieces for a bold and daring look that will certainly make a statement!


When it comes to 80s rock fashion, attitude was everything. Music fans of the time proudly declared their individual styles with flamboyant statements and looks. The most memorable looks often involved leather jackets, combat boots, and some kind of statement piece like a spiked bracelet, choker, or scarf. From punk to glam rock, an edgy confidence defined these signature looks.

Iconic singers and bands of the time, such as Madonna and Duran Duran, set the tone for how to wear the look: with defiance, pride, and an unapologetic show of individualism. From fishnet stockings to puffy shirts and spandex jumpsuits, 80s rock fashion was all about standing out from the crowd. Unconventional colors were popular, from pastels to fluorescent shades that were sure to grab attention.

Layering was another way to make a style statement; ripped jeans could be paired with tight tees and windbreakers in bold colors and patterns. Some classic 80s pieces also included big shoulder pads on blazers and power suits, wide-brimmed hats, bandanas, and visible jewelry like large hoop earrings or long chains. All in all, 80s rock fashion enabled music lovers to make bold statements about who they were and what they stood for – something that still resonates today.